Role – Art direction x Cutting
Agency – Philipp und Keuntje
Client – Neff

NEFF's first experience dinners was titled “The Beginning”: Based on a varied theme-oriented world, designed to foster lively communication.


The idea: Bringing inspiring people together

NEFF experience dinners are based on a varied theme-oriented world, designed to foster lively communication. The influencers, artists and creatives who are invited are not just at home in the food segment. They also enrich the event with their personal experiences from the worlds of fashion, art, design and music and contribute ideas to create an evening, filled with wonder and surprises.

The implementation: a living cow and other curiosities

The first experience dinner was titled “The Beginning”. A house-in-house project was set up that guests could take part in, with the approach of focusing on creating something together. Artist Silvia Knüppel inspired each guest to cover his or her dining chair with a cardboard cover they made themselves. The idea behind this was that each time the chair is sat on, a lasting impression is left that transforms the chair into a unique piece.


The common thread: an appreciation of every life

A living cow, whose milk not only symbolises growth and development, also stood as a symbol for the origin of food. Another key theme was also an appreciation of the life of animals and responsible interaction with food. Eco-breeder Lars Odefey, who allows his chickens to grow wild and sustainably and grants them a night in peace and seclusion before slaughter, had a lot to contribute to this.

The process: lots of sensory impressions

Food is originally a sensuous experience that we rarely experience in this day and age. This is why some courses were experimental in character. What happens to our sense of taste when we put noise cancelling headphones on and can’t hear anymore? Do we perceive the sweetness of a pudding differently when it’s pitch dark and the dessert is illuminated only by torchlight? There was a lot of material for discussion here.


The conclusion: eating is about more than good food

Our experience dinner is proof that a great meal isn’t just about ingredients, preparation or decoration. Eating together is a holistic experience that inspires us and can ground us in the midst of digital alienation. This occurs through mutual experiences as well as in dialogue and discussion with interested people who tell us how they live, what they love and what they do. The setting ensures that it is a unique and unforgettable evening.